Can't sell your home because of Negative Equity? We'll help you sell, fast.


Trouble with Negative Equity?



Negative equity occurs when you owe more than your property's value.


It can also happen when the selling figure becomes too tight due to Estate Agency fees and Solicitor costs etc.


We are a specialist negative equity property buyer who offer bespoke solutions to help you get out of this predicament.


With the credit crunch significantly affecting house prices across the UK, we can help you get moved on and free from the financial liability of the property.


We'll offer a fair cash offer to allow you to step away from the property quickly.  


We charge no fees, we cover your Solicitor costs and we always do our business ethically and professionally.


Negative Equity House Buyers has helped hundreds of clients who have sadly found themselves in this unfortunate situation.  


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We'll offer a bespoke solution that will allow you to step away from the property with a genuine fair cash offer that works for your circumstances

Step 3: We'll Get you Moved On

The typical period to finalising contracts is 1-4 weeks but we can be as flexible as you need

Difficulties selling with your Estate Agent?

Financial Struggles?

Tired landlord/lady?


Whatever your difficulty, we are here to help you with negative equity.

Who Are We?

Negative Equity Help are the UK's favourite negative equity specialist house buying service, buying all types of property in any condition and as a genuine cash buyer who are able to offer solutions in as little as 7 to 28 days, or longer should you so wish. 

We've helped hundreds of clients who face the difficult and frustrating position of being in negative equity who want to sell fast and move on from the property.

There are no legal, valuation or estate agency fees to pay, no inconvenient long chains, no viewings or unnecessary delays, just the certainty of a sale at a level that covers all of your debts on the property and more if it is possible...

Whatever the motivation behind a sale is – from those who have found their dream home, to those facing repossession or those where a divorce or inheritance forces a sale – Negative Equity House Buyers are the nationwide professional, quick and hassle-free company to buy your property for cash if the selling figures have sadly become tight.

We pride ourselves in offering fast sale solutions that best fit our client's requirements whilst always working in a honest, transparent and ethical manner.  

Contact us for a no obligation informal chat about what you require and we will try our best to help you and get you sold and moved on fast.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to provide the best tailored solution for your needs

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